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2-Day Merzouga Birding Tour in Morocco

Merzouga Birding tour | 2-Day Merzouga Birding Tour of Morocco

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2-Day Merzouga Birding Tour: Explore the Avian Wonders of Morocco

Join us on an immersive 2-day Merzouga birding tour, where you'll have the opportunity to explore the rich birdlife of Morocco's stunning desert region. Our expert guides will lead you through diverse habitats, unveiling the hidden treasures of the avian world.

Day 1 : Merzouga Birding Tour

Upon arrival in Merzouga, we'll kickstart our birding expedition. With binoculars in hand, we'll venture into the Erg Chebbi desert, home to an array of fascinating bird species. As we traverse the sandy dunes and arid plains, keep an eye out for desert sparrows, raptors, desert larks, and Egyptian nightjars. Our guides will share their in-depth knowledge, helping you identify and understand the behaviors of these captivating creatures.

As the day draws to a close, we'll settle in a comfortable desert camp. Relax under a star-studded sky, savor traditional Moroccan cuisine, and share stories of the day's birding encounters.

Day 2 : Merzouga Birding Tour

The morning begins with the magical sight of sunrise over the desert. We'll continue our birding expedition, exploring the nearby oases and rocky terrain. Here, you'll have the chance to spot migratory species such as the Tristram's warbler, African desert warbler, and many more.

After an exhilarating day of birdwatching, we'll conclude our tour with a drive back to Merzouga, leaving you with memories of captivating bird sightings and the unique beauty of the desert landscape.

Thank you for exploring our country with Birding Tours Morocco as we offer adventure trips and tours for your bird watching holiday in North Africa with amazing experience. If you require to modify this suggested circuit, contact us in directly.

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Please contact us for reservation for this Merzouga bird watching tour. If you have a specific date - let us know your arrival and departure date.

Merzouga Birding Tour: Explore the Avian Wonders of MoroccoMerzouga Birding Tour

Birding Costs:

The price depends on number of people travelling with you.

Price quoteMerzouga Birding Tour

Accommodation / Meals

We offer comfortable hotels for your birding tour from Merzouga with typical Moroccan breakfasts , and traditional dinner meals.

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Expert Guidance:

Our experienced guides will accompany you throughout the tour, ensuring an enriching birding experience with their deep knowledge of local bird species and habitats.

Diverse Avian Species:

Merzouga boasts a rich diversity of birdlife, offering you the opportunity to observe and photograph a wide range of species, including desert-dwelling birds and migratory species.

Stunning Desert Landscapes:

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of the Erg Chebbi desert, with its golden sand dunes, oases, and rugged terrain, creating a unique backdrop for birdwatching.